Championing and Future-Proofing Manufacturing across Wales

Manufacturing Wales is a new voice representing the vision and ambitions of manufacturers across Wales.

A collaborative consortium created specifically to help meet the complex needs of Welsh-based manufacturers, raising the credibility of Welsh brands, maximising supply chain opportunities and building-in resilience for member organisations

Manufacturing Wales is pleased to present our latest Newsletter, available to read here or as a download in PDF format. Just click on the image to enjoy your copy.

Manufacturing Wales brings together the ideas, innovations, best practices and pioneering spirit of the Welsh manufacturing community. We offer Manufacturing Membership to companies and Affiliate Membership to universities - providing a unique platform to collaborate, innovatemand create new ventures. Manufacturing Wales members will establish a collaborative approach to building partnerships, recognising that the future of the sector rests with those leaders that have a shared common purpose.

"MW provides a quality and genuine board of advice, sharing challenges and experience. Membership covers businesses of all sizes, and regardless of scale and products we share common issues. There is also the opportunity to discuss suppliers, markets and resource. Our common goal is to do good and do the right thing in our sector and as such members support and collaborate each other to ensure we get things done, to leverage and maximise from best practice."

Alison Orrells, The Safety Letterbox Company

A NEW Platform for Manufacturers Across Wales:

  • A platform for businesses to connect, share problems and create solutions
  • Quality Focused – Ensuring Wales’ brands are globally recognised
  • Technology Led
  • Developing a new supply chain ecosystem at our core
  • A voice for the industry, sharing, learning and collaborating

We’re here to help Welsh Manufacturing businesses:

  • Be more ambitious
  • Prepare for investment with a focus on “A Future Proofing” mentality
  • Focus on knowledge sharing and adding value
  • Develop long term high value added strategies that maximise the supply chain
  • Develop case studies and profile the manufacturing industry as a “Career of Choice”
  • Knowledge transfer and shared learning technologies are advancing quickly, and this will enable a quick deployment of education and insight.

"Manufacturing Wales helps Cardiff Met engage directly with manufacturing business, enabling us to recognise the challenges they are facing and the opportunities they are seeking to develop. This knowledge is invaluable in understanding how best the University can support the Welsh manufacturing community, be that through collaborative working, consultancy, research or training."

Matthew Evans, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Manufacturer Membership Benefits:

  • Access exclusive networking events and webinars
  • Connect with a new Welsh community of manufacturers and supply chains
  • Market leading Welsh and global industry intelligence from members and affiliates
  • A direct link to Wales’ Universities for R&D facilities for product development and post graduate project support
  • Connect and influence, lobbying public sector procurement, opportunities and export initiatives and access to UK Government ministers and departments on UK initiatives and UKRI
  • Exclusive legal, finance and communications opportunities from our corporate sponsors

Academia Membership Benefits:

  • Access to Manufacturing employers for work experience, full time employment, undergraduate and post graduate projects
  • Access to Manufacturing companies who require research products and development support with students, teaching personnel, facilities or industrial capability
  • Participate in Manufacturing Wales events and webinars

“Dudley’s Aluminium is proud to be a member of Manufacturing Wales. The body, which helps to promote and represent manufacturers in Wales, facilitates excellent cooperation between its members to evaluate issues, find solutions and access opportunities. Manufacturing Wales’ collaborative approach has helped to broaden the knowledge base within the Welsh manufacturing sector and add value to our work.”

Colin Shorney, Dudley’s Aluminium

Manufacturing Wales facilitates Welsh manufacturing firms and universities to connect, share ideas, problem solve issues and create new ventures together - through local and regional meetings, groups, events and advisory boards. We want to ensure the Wales Manufacturing community performs and grows now and in the future.

"Manufacturing Wales has brought together many Manufacturing businesses in Wales – It has produced a strong collective group that can discuss shared problems, to find solutions and drive the sector forward"

Alex Shufflebottom, Shufflebottom Ltd